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Paul, Llantrissant
Coaching / EFT Sessions

"I absolutely loved every session with Hayley. She put me at ease very quickly and dealt with me in a very professional manner. She dealt with issues compassionately and was very quick to home in on emotional blockages. I've come away with great tools to use on myself!! I would recommend Hayley to everyone I meet! Fantastic!"

Paul, Llantrisant. April 2017

Tirion, Brecon
Energy EFT Foundation Course in April 2017

"Very relaxing, enjoyable and eye opening. The course was delivered very well and I would definatley recommend,"

Tirion, Brecon on completion of the Energy EFT Foundation Course in April 2017

Lisa, Builth Wells
6 week Anxieties & Worries programme

"Before visiting Hayley, my daughter had very little insight into her feelings or how to describe her emotions. This has now improved dramatically and has had a really positice affect on her wellbeing. She is aware of how her body feels when she is anxious and is accepting that these feelings are normal and will pass. She has gained a bank of calm down strategies to use eg. the breathing star, time out and EFT and is starting to self regulate her emotions. In line with this her confidence has grown ten fold and she has taken part in many activities for the first time ever eg. school cross country. I cannot describe how proud I feel when she uses positive EFT to encourage herself to feel good, this is also a skill that she has transferred to the whole family. Thank you Hayley for your undesrtanding, patience and calming approach. This really helped her to engage and make such fantastic progress. This is the first step to her recovery and it is an amazing foundation. I am enternally grateful that you took the time to understand her complex condition."  

Mother of girl aged 9, who undertook Anxieties & Worries programme to help with her daily anxities caused by Autism with a profile of Pathological Demand Avoidance (P.D.A) April 2017 

Students from University of South Wales

"This course has helped me to view anxiety logically. Understanding that it is something that can be controlled if we truly want to. I would attend this course as not a lot of mental health advice is available, limited to a few people. Getting this help would benefit students' studies and their capabilities to achieve."

Student in U.S.W Cardiff Campus, 28th November 2016

"It made me realise that anxiety is a health condition that CAN be controlled and made better. Also that I'm not alone. For the first time in many years, I feel hopeful and optimistic for the future. Help is out there and I CAN be the person I want to be."

"Personally I have mild anxiety, but as a social work student I have gained some practical techniques to teach others. I understand triggers and rationality, but I am sure that this course would be extremely beneficial particularly to social work, youth work and teaching students, to be able to help others."

Students from U.S.W, Newport Campus, 29th November 2016

"It has helped my understanding of my condition and given me techniques to use ti control it better. I would definately encourage this session to be attended."

Student from U.S.W, Treforrest Campus, 30th November 2016.


Samantha C

Testimonial from Samantha C following a Reiki healing session. 

"I first booked healing with Hayley for restlessness, sleepless nights and stress. During the process Hayley made me feel very relaxed, the atmosphere was calming and the rooms was lovely. I am a bit of a sceptic to things like this but I found the experience very relaxing, my busy mind was quiet the whole time which is my biggest challenge. Hayley was able to relax my mind and body and I was able to concentrate on the heat and energy being transferred from her to me. The after effects were the best parts; I was able to think more clear, be far more organised than I usually am which meant I was less stressed and for the first time in over 4 years I slept the whole night without waking up thinking! I am definately going to book another session soon and would highly recommend Hayley. Lovely experience."

7DD pupils
Self Confidence & The Power of I am session in October 2016

5 randomly selected testimonials / feedback comments from pupils from 7DD at Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School:


"Inspiaring and helpful beause I allways look down on myself" A.M, aged 11

"It helped me realise everyone is perfect" MP, aged 11

"I really enjoyed it because we learnt that we can be better about ourselves e.c.t" E.R, aged 11

"Today I have learnt to be confident and to believe in myself." N.C aged 11

"A very good and inspiring lesson. I have learnt more about confidence." S.W, aged 12


Mrs D
Self Confidence & The Power of I am session delivered in January 2017

"The best part of the session was the interaction / rapport that the speaker has with the pupils, they all respond well to her. Excellent examples and resources. I particularly liked the whole class 'pep talk' - really valuable for them to see the change in body language and attitude."


Mrs D, form Tutor of 7AD, Bryn Hafren Comprehensive School.

Anxiety & Depression course in July 2016

"The course for me is delivered in a beautifully simple way, easy to understand no huge technical terms which may intimidate - discussion about causes - coping strategies - how the brain works - Conscious and Unconscious mind, this I feel was really helpful in understanding the triggers for my anxiety and depression! And how we can train our mind to change for the better! I have used some of the tools that the course teaches and have found that I have benefited in a positive way - by me taking charge of the condition and not the other way around. All in all it was a positive experience with people who want to take control of their condition and the course in my eyes certainly gives the tools to enable this to happen."

Extract from 'Anon' who attended this Anxiety & Depression course in July 2016

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